❤️‍🔥EverRise $RISE❤️‍🔥- Bringing the BuyBack concept into Cryptocurrency – First hyper deflationary token that rewards holders during TOKEN BURN 🔥- Reaching 60K holders in 3 WEEKS!

❤️‍🔥EverRise $RISE❤️‍🔥- Bringing the BuyBack concept into Cryptocurrency – First hyper deflationary token that rewards holders during TOKEN BURN 🔥- Reaching 60K holders in 3 WEEKS!


EverRise is the first crypto currency to successfully implement the buy-back hyper-deflationary concept on the BSC! The same way SafeMoon paved the way for thousands of other coins to introduce redistribution and rewards to holders, EverRise is the first to introduce this BuyBack feature via smart contracts!

A popular term and strategy used in the stock market environment is when a company does a BuyBack approach which means buying back it own shares of a company in the open market. When implemented correctly this increases the value of the stock and investors holdings! EverRise, brilliantly applies the Buyback concept to cryptocurrency by implementing a burn concept of the token once buyback occurs! This creates a catalyst that increases the tokens value with the decrease of circulating supplies.

On the EverRise protocol, a 6% transaction fee occurs that is stored within a contract and that is used periodicallly to buy back tokens from the market and then instantly burn them, increasing the value of the circulating supply. This contract has come to be known as the WHALE EATING KRAKEN!

The fees collected by the Contract are used to buyback and burn tokens when market conditions are bad, instantly increasing the price and saving the holders from massive dumps when is necessary.

The EverRise “Kraken” Strategic Reserves are deployed at specific moments to keep an uptrend going or break a downtrend. This is unique and a true revolution in the crypto world: a coin that can reverse downtrends, a big insurance for investors and long term holders.

The developers use the smart contract (kraken) to prevent huge investors (whales) from joining and manipulating the EverRise market. As seen in multiple crypto projects huge investors can cause panic, down trends or up trends, manipulating the market in their favour while cause detrimental effects to smaller or new investors! Not with EverRise as it’s smart contract activates to provide insurance to all its investors and protection from pump and dumps!

Everrise is the first token to implement smart analytics and tactics to beat financial adversities on the blockchain through the use of the revolutionary Buyback feature.

On the EverRise protocol, 2% fee is charged on all transactions (buy, sell, transfer) and is rewarded back to its holders.

Also the EverRise protocol, has a 3% fee that is transferred to the marketing wallet. This is used for daily promotions of the token. Examples include: 💩 Daily of poo coin (25k), 🤳Crypto influencers (David Gokhshtein) 🌅 TIME SQUARE BILLBOARD 💰 Competition/Giveaways 📑 CertiK Audit (100k)

The Main Developer for EverRises smart contract has decided to focus fully on the project and has given his 2 weeks notice for his day job to be able to dedicate all his time to working on two dApps: EverOwn and EverLock/EverSale. Those projects will solve problems on the crypto industry and will be a source of revenue for the project and the holders.

📝 EverOwn 📝

Many new projects make the HUGE mistake of renouncing ownership of their contract to gain the communities trust. This can severely limit the growth of the project in the future because most exchanges require some minor tweaks in the contract as crypto grows. EverOwn is a Dapp EverRise is building that allows developers to temporarily renounce ownership of their contract by handing it over to the community. With EverOwn, the community can vote to hand the contract back to you to make the necessary adjustments! This is the perfect solution because it allows the developers to earn the communities trust without permanently renouncing the contract.

🔐 EverLock 🔐

EverLock is an additional Dapps EverRise is building to lock liquidity pools. There are major problems when liquidity is locked and a unexpected growth occurs within the project! EverLock will allow with the permission of the community to unlock liquidity for cases like new exchange listings!


🦑 6 % Buyback tax 🦑 Stored in the buy back smart contract which is referred to as the kraken to prevent initial dumping and security for investors or EverRise

📹 3% Marketing Wallet 🎬 Used for promotions advertisements and occasionally feeding up the buyback smart contract aka the Kraken!

💸 2% Distributed to Holders 💸 Holders of EverRise receive static rewards when a sell, buy or transfer of the token occurs!

Total Tax 11% (13% recommended for slippage)


📋Listed on CMC, CoinGecko & Blockfolio

💵 4K BNB Presale sold out in 10 seconds

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 60K+ Holders

🤳33K+ Members on Telegram

📊$35m+ Market Cap

📈$10M 24hr Volume (Peak)

🦑$2M+ “Kraken” Strategic Reserves (6.7k BNB)

💰7540 BNB used so far in Strategic buy-back burns (18.23% of circulating supply)

📝Listed in 3 Exchanges: BKEX, LBANK & ZT Global (EverRise Smart contract only active currently on Pancakeswap)

📑Code audited by Certik and Techrate

🎥Big marketing wallet for non-stop promotion

🌅NY Times Square Billboard

👨‍💻Luna PR as agency of record

🔔Most searched token on CoinMarketCap https://twitter.com/CoinMarketCap/status/1411859090964467714

👼Donated $100,000 to Binance Charity Fund and adopted endangered species of whale!


🎥Video Doxxing AMA with Certik

🇨🇳 11th July Btok ads in China start (#1 spot in a fully supported campaign)

📝dApp EverOwn (Contract locking; allowing community vote to unlock if fixes need to be made)

🔐dApp EverLock (Liquidly locking)

🔏dApp EverSell (Pre-sales)

✍ Contract: 0xc7d43f2b51f44f09fbb8a691a0451e8ffcf36c0a

🌐 Website: https://www.everrisecoin.com (with whitepaper)

🐤 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/EverRiseToken

💲 Twitter Price Bot: https://twitter.com/everrisewatcher

📢 Telegram: https://t.me/everriseofficial

🎤 Discord: https://discord.gg/EverRise

🎭 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EverRise/

📑 Certik Audit: https://www.certik.org/projects/everrise

🔒 Liquidly locked for 1 year: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/dxlockview?id=3651&add=0&type=lpdefi&chain=BSC

🪙 Coin Market Cap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/everrise/

🦎 Coin Gecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/everrise

Note: Make sure you are buying the right token by using the correct contract! There has been many fakes or imposter impersonating EverRise! Remember anyone can create a token with a duplicate name, make sure you have the correct contract, do you research before buying, check the graph, make sure its the correct token and use the contract below!

(Contract: 0xc7d43f2b51f44f09fbb8a691a0451e8ffcf36c0a


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