$1 Trillion in Crypto Transactions & Counting | by Macrina Kgil | @blockchain | Aug, 2021

$1 Trillion in Crypto Transactions & Counting | by Macrina Kgil | @blockchain | Aug, 2021


Macrina Kgil

We recently hit a major milestone at Blockchain.com, surpassing more than $1 trillion in crypto transacted on our platform. To put that number into context, we’ve handled nearly a third of all bitcoin network transactions since 2012, with the majority of all transactions processed through Blockchain.com Wallets taking place over the past 2 years. These numbers don’t reflect what’s bought and sold on our exchange, but rather real usage of crypto: instantly sending value across the world as easily as sending an email.

When I joined Blockchain.com three years ago, some of my colleagues in the financial services industry doubted we’d ever become mainstream. Now some of those same doubters have become our institutional clients and they’ve integrated our technology into their business, helping build trust with their own customers.

That’s why the growth particularly over the past few years has been so exciting to us. We’re earning trust with people new to crypto and delivering on our promise for folks who have been with us for the past 10 years. There are three main drivers behind this growth. First is in retail, where we today have more than 76M active wallets. Second, our institutional market business is continuing to see exponential growth as more asset managers look to meet their clients’ demand to work with this new asset class. Third, our brokerage and exchange business has continued growing along with the intense consumer demand for crypto currencies that have dominated headlines over the last 6 months.

What makes Blockchain.com unique is that we have a thriving business in three key parts of the market. With diverse sources of revenue, great products to meet consumer demand, and a team in place we’re confident we’ll see sustained growth for years to come.


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