Accel Defi is ready for battle. With the acquisition of Metaverse Army brings an NFT Collection and a fully developed P2E game. Carlos Dattoli is an amazing artist who brings incredible beauty to the Soldiers of the Metaverse (SOTM). The detailed artwork tells a story and one you will want to …. : altcoin

add one or more to your portfolio.

Accel Defi, the multi-utility token was listed on and (to name a few) within a few hours of launch, and this new crypto-tech company continues to add more incredible opportunities like Soldiers of the Metaverse (SOTM).

Some FAQ’s:

  • How Do I Buy Soldiers of the Metaverse Army NFT’s (SOTM):

    • On Opensea. You will need Ethereum via CoinBase, Gemini, etc and then you connect your wallet to OpenSea just as you would buy any NFT out there

  • Where Can I Learn About Rarity? :

  • What’s $Ammo?

    • $AMMO is the official ‘token’ of Soldiers Of The Metaverse. It’s the ecosystem currency. You own $AMMO on this website by simply owning soldiers. It allows you to get cool things like special NFTs, celeb soldiers, mint passes and more. You can check out the store

  • What Type Of Game Is It?

  • What Is The Special Forces Edition?

    • Soldiers Of The Metaverse: Special Forces is a sister collection to the current one that holds all the special NFTs. These are available in the Soldier Store and will always be refreshed over time. They will consist of character vehicles, HQs, celeb soldiers and more. The collection on OpenSea will grow as more and more Special Forces come to life.

  • What Is Femme Fatale?

    • Femme Fatale is a much anticipated chapter 2 in the Soldiers Of The Metaverse collection. It will be an entirely new mint, with incredibly designed female oriented soldiers. A sharper look that will blow our expectations away and tie into the ecosystem. Existing soldier owners will get first access to this mint.

Carlos Dattoli is a professional illustrator & concept artist who works exclusively in the Pop Culture industry. He’s done some amazing character work for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers, XM Studios, Hasbro, Acme Archives and more and is widely respected as one of the best at his craft. To find out more about Carlos, follow him on his IG – carlosdattoliart.

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