AIWORK, the Artificial Intelligence Network for Human Experts

AIWORK, the Artificial Intelligence Network for Human Experts



Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are both game-changing technologies. They are set to transcend the world as we know it via their massive impact on businesses and industries alike. Operating separately, both can provide immense benefits to society.

However, increasingly companies and projects are exploring how to leverage these technologies together, combining their forces into a true technological powerhouse. 

AIWORK established itself as one of these entities, combining the benefits of both of these technologies. Their protocol  uses a unique consensus network that consists of AI computing resources coupled with a team of human experts.


The Problems Facing Online Video 

Online videos are probably one of the biggest drivers of content on the internet, playing a critical role in monetization opportunities for content creators worldwide. However, several factors plague online video content associated with search and discovery on video platforms and the Internet in general. 

Most of the issues stem from the quality of metadata, which is the information used to describe content within  a video, along with titles and other tags. Currently metadata is inconsistent, incomplete, and unreliable. It’s also not categorized or standardized, often leading to inaccurate content discovery. All of this makes it difficult for users to find the type of content they’re searching for in a video — lowering user experience and the chance they will return to the content creator or platform.

Some of the more significant problems that can influence search and discovery are: 


  • Video content is subject to several biases and can be quite opaque. 
  • Videos often aren’t indexed scene-by-scene. 
  • Video content isn’t internationalized. 
  • Video content isn’t easily searchable.
  • Video content lacks standardized metadata. 
  • Content safety for both viewers and advertisers isn’t ensured. 
  • Online video platforms are over centralized, prioritizing only a few companies. 

How is AIWORK Addressing this with AI? 

AI refers to the use of machines and computers to complete tasks requiring human intelligence. AI can identify patterns, analyze different situations, and eventually reach or predict a particular outcome. 

AI can also utilize machine learning to learn from any data provided, significantly improving its analytical capabilities and outcomes over time. AIWORK is combining blockchain technology and AI to solve problems riddling the online video content space. 

AIWORK combines AI with human experts, with both working in harmony to create high-quality metadata. AIWORK is also creating its first decentralized application, a video search engine that is completely decentralized and maintained by its community.

AIWORK’s Solution 

AIWORK’s solution to the problem that video content faces is simple. It’s created a decentralized and open-source blockchain protocol, consisting of AI computing resources and human experts, that help the protocol generate standardized and enhanced metadata for video content. 

The team at AIWORK strongly believes that the Internet (especially online video content) has seen significant centralization, which has resulted in the concentration of power in the hands of a few companies. 

AIWORK is working to decentralize the online video content space, giving users back control through the application of blockchain technology, helping to create the foundation of an open and decentralized network for video content online. 

Deployment of its Solution

AIWORK deploys algorithms on specialized nodes. Media files are scanned by GPU and CPU resources, generating metadata, such as transcripts, categories, translations, classifications, and time-coded tags. Given that it’s an  open network, anyone with the computational resources at their disposal can join the AIWORK network. 

AIWORK aims to decentralize AI operations on the blockchain, allowing decentralized applications (dApps) to benefit by using its video search engine. 

AIWORK plans to achieve this by implementing the following mechanisms:


  • Maximizing  utilization by employing smart contracts between all parties involved – AIWORK will give incentives for better quality work and rely on only the most productive service providers to fulfill work. 
  • Utilizing  a compensation and transaction mechanism for service providers – the protocol also rewards network operators for the tasks they perform. 
  • Maintaining  an immutable record for metadata and annotations. 

AIWORK Features

AIWORK has several features that help its protocol achieve the target of decentralizing the online video space: 


  • Decentralized Cloud Computing – AIWORK uses crowd-sourced computing cycles to provide an excellent solution to handling fluctuations in demand while still maintaining optimal costs. This feature of AIWORK also lessens its environmental impact, as it harnesses the resources of already-existing and underutilized computers. 


  • Combined Approach to Verification – AIWORK takes an approach that combines AIand human experts. This approach addresses AI’s shortcomings and allows the protocol to achieve optimal AI computer vision at scale. The AI community will also help to provide AI verification and correction. 


  • Higher Quality Metadata – AIWORK generates normalized and standardized metadata, allowing individuals to query more efficiently and therefore receive better results. This will also benefit online video platforms, allowing their content to be more easily discovered by users. 


  • ContentGraph – ContentGraph is AIWORK’s trademark content safety index that allows the protocol to assign a confidence score to different content safety attributes, such as nudity, hate speech, adult content, violence, guns, and more. Using ContentGraph, AIWORK is able to review and validate videos, flagging all inappropriate content. It can also flag videos with low confidence scores, while scene level detection will flag specific scenes as inappropriate. 

What Does the Future Hold?

AIWORK is targeting long-standing issues that have persisted for far too long in the online video space. It tackles problems such as incomplete and inconsistent metadata, in addition to the presence of centralization in the online video space.

Overall, AIWORK is providing a far more streamlined and efficient way to apply AI’s phenomenal benefits via the blockchain, ultimately giving consumers better control over the content they consume. 



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