As XRP Surpasses 90-day High, the Token is Gaining Momentum for a Huge Price Breakdown.

As XRP Surpasses 90-day High, the Token is Gaining Momentum for a Huge Price Breakdown.


According to Michaël van de Poppe, a famous crypto analyst and trader, XRP is gaining momentum for a massive breakdown.

XRP to Shoot Above $1.80 as it Crosses 90-day High

In a recent video on Crypto Michaël YouTube channel, analyst Michaël van de Poppe has analysed XRP’s current technical standing and its future prospects at length. While Michael’s analysis was largely based on the contemporaneous price level of $1.26. Which have already been surpassed by quite some margin as up by 9% XRP is currently trading at $1.38. Just down fractionally from a 90-day high, the toke has just recorded moments ago. Previously the token had traded around the similar price level during the third week of May.

Despite this recent price surge Michael’s analysis is still pretty relevant. As in the video he has projected XRP of going further upwards. Citing a critical support flip at $1.06, while he considered $1 a good support level too, Michaël projected XRP of reaching $1.85, just short of its 52-week high. Michael said:

Some consolidation, sideways action and most likely we’re going to have a new breakout to the upside for XRP.

XRP/BTC Pair, Moving Toward a Huge Price Breakdown

Further he also shed enough light on the XRP/BTC pair. According to Michaël the XRP is just a single resistance away from a huge upwards price movement. As he said the token could go up by 140% from its contemporaneous price of $1.25 or 0.000025 BTC.

He suggesting entering the market at $1.10 and wait for a “next impulse move towards 0.000038 BTC, worth $1.90.” Before the token is ready for increased volatility(higher lows and higher highs).

Michaël further said

At this stage, we do know we’re creating higher lows, but you actually want to break this high (0.000038 BTC) and create a new higher high through which targeting a level 0.00006 BTC ($3.00) is pretty likely to be taking place.”


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