BabyXRP [ $BBYXRP] Hit 30 Mil MC ATH

BabyXRP [ $BBYXRP] Hit 30 Mil MC ATH


We hit an ATH of 30 mil MC today!

Baby XRP is a Tribute to the entire XRP Community! This is a long-term project – Let’s HODL together!

Buy&hold babyxrp and have chance to get 25k in usd

Rewarding holder in xrp for the next snapshot will end in 8h hurry up and take your seat

Our website has been redesigned and it’s looks way better then before

Big marketing in progress and good news will come out stay tuned

Join us in voice chat on TG:

Bring all your questions to the table!

We’ll Discuss:

– XRP Rewards Distributed to Holders (who, what, when, where)

– Marketing and Advertising Initiatives Current and Future Plans!

– Ask us Anything!

Look forward to seeing you all!

BabyXRP (Tokenomics):

⚡️2% Burn

Baby XRP is a deflationary coin, meaning that as time goes on the total supply will reduce. 2% of every transaction will be sent to a dead wallet being burned from the total supply forever, increasing the value of the remaining tokens

💰 Marketing

5% of every transaction will be sent to the marketing wallet, to be spent on future marketing and advertising, to ensure that we will continue to attract new investors and holders.


⚖️ 5% of every transaction will be sent directly to the liquidity of the coin itself, This ensures that the Liquidity keeps a healthy ratio in comparison with every holder and Marketplace.

Ripple Effect.. XRP Rewards


Every 3 days all DIAMOND hand holders will receive XRP Rewards airdropped to their wallet based on the percentage of their holdings of the total supply.


🌐 Website –


🦎 CoinGecko –

🐦 Twitter –

🏛 Telegram –

💸 How to buy – Packcakeswap –



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