Bienvenue! Welcoming Storm Inc to the Team | by | @blockchain | Oct, 2021

Bienvenue! Welcoming Storm Inc to the Team | by | @blockchain | Oct, 2021


Today, please join me in welcoming four new colleagues to — Clément Rucheton, Benny Scetbun, Taro Ugen, and Ludovic Fauvet. Our French colleagues join us as part of an acqui-hire of a company they founded called Storm Inc, a consumer startup operating at the intersection of social audio and live content creation.

The Storm Inc founding team brings tremendous engineering and product development expertise to Founded in 2019, the company was funded by notable European and US investors, including early backers of Tumblr, Anchor, and Spotify. The team built a number of mobile apps in the social audio space including a user-generated live audio content app as well as a short audio content monetization platform.

The Storm team knows what it takes to build world class products to satisfy global customer demand.

At, Clément, Benny, Taro and Ludovic will work on the consumer side of the business to make crypto easier to use for people around the world.

Bienvenue to our new colleagues!

-Peter Smith


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