Bitcoin Is The 8th Most Searched News In Columbia In 2021

Bitcoin Is The 8th Most Searched News In Columbia In 2021


Colombia is one of the Latin American countries to see wider adoption of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in 2021. According to reports, the virtual commerce sector in Colombia has taken Bitcoin as its main cryptocurrency. In addition, the adoption and regulation of Bitcoin have seen massive support from the government and the private sector, which has significantly influenced the interest of the toke in the country.

While the country has been facing contemporary social issues coupled with the impact of the pandemic, it seems the adoption of Bitcoin has risen significantly. Reports also show that Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the 10 most sought-after news items and the most searched cryptocurrency in Columbia.

Bitcoin Is The 8th Most Searched News In Columbia

Based on the ranking elaborated by search engine Yahoo, replicated by Infobae, Bitcoin ranks number eight when it comes to the most searched news in Columbia. But the top five are occupied by topics like the coronavirus, National Police of Columbia, Vaccine for COVID-19, minimum wage 2021, and solidarity income.

While events in the country are pushing people to seek alternative investment means, global events also have a part to play in the increased adoption of Bitcoin in the region.

One of the most notable triggers could be the all-time high Bitcoin achieved on November 10, when its price hit $69,044 per token.

Banks Looking To Offer More Crypto Exposure To Clients

In addition, the internal regulatory conditions are pushing more people to adopt Bitcoin. Based on the report by CriptoNoticias, banks in Columbia are now trying to provide cryptocurrency services to offer more crypto exposure to their clients.

Additionally, the government has relaxed its stance on the use of Bitcoin in the country. There is already the possibility of buying paying with Bitcoin for goods and services at some stores and outlets like Walmart and Libre in the country.

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