BitMart Listing Confirmed! 🟡⚫️ iBNB ⚫️🟡

BitMart Listing Confirmed! 🟡⚫️ iBNB ⚫️🟡


iBNB is the the FIRST BNB REWARDS token to be listed on BitMart 7/30/21!!

iBNB is a reward token unlike anything within crypto.

💹We have a dynamic tax protocol which adapts according to the financial health of the market.💹We have adjustable parameters within our token which allows us to keep the reward pool sustainable.💹We have reward contributions which allow for whales to contribute extra to the reward pool💹We have daily announcements to update our community💹We have anti-dump mechanics that limit sells with a 24 hour threshold to assure stability of the token.💹We have by far the highest, most sustainable rewards in crypto.🔥There is so much more!

– Proven facts:

As of today, we provide 17x the rewards that TIKI does, have an engaged telegram community of 11K members. We empower community members to bring their own ideas and with community votes, we implement them. Recently listed on CMC, CG, TrustWallet, and TokenPocket.Not to forget: WE HAVE BY FAR THE HIGHEST REWARDS IN CRYPTO.

– First Exchange Confirmed:

We will be the FIRST BNB REWARDS token to list on BitMart 7/30/21. We are currently looking into 9 other exchanges in the pipeline.

– But wait.. there’s more:

iBNB’s plans are unlike ANYTHING in crypto.

We are building a network (nBNB) that consists of tokens which provide transaction fees to the reward pool of iBNB, we carefully analyze the team and tokenomics to assure a safe investment, in return, our community supports the token. Holding iBNB will give your more and more rewards in BNB. The first nBNB link has been announced, BabySafeMoon!

TG: officialBabysafemoon

The second token on the network will release within a month. Both have unique tokenomics, and will bring eyeballs from all over the world. 👀

There is so much to tell, but come see it for yourself. What do you have to lose?




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