Bots hit Pollen Defi’s last contest; they are still coming out with something great! Keep an eye out for the near future! Suggest signing up and practicing before the event! : altcoin

Have you ever heard of virtual trading with cryptocurrency? Pollen Defi, I feel, would be the answer to this solution. They have formed a DAO where everyone votes on what they pass for upgrades or changes.

The biggest thing for me is whales that trade more than you don’t impact your final results when competing against each other. You could have only 20 PLN Tokens staked, and your placing can still be 1 against someone with 20,000 PLN.

It’s an easy-to-use system that allows people to balance their portfolios with choices that they want to pick. Yes, you can still go down in portfolio strength, but unlike regular trading, your liquidity is not even impacted close to the same.

They have some significant contests in the next while, so if you are new to trading cryptocurrency or just interested in trying, I highly suggest you check out this website and get started today.

I can’t wait for the competition to start announcing Pollen prizes.


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