Chain of Events. November 2021 Newsletter | by | @blockchain | Nov, 2021

Chain of Events. November 2021 Newsletter | by | @blockchain | Nov, 2021


November 2021 Newsletter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: crypto bull run season. This month was jam packed with community moments and feature launches, and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the year will shape up.

ICYMI: Recurring Buys, New Assets, and A New Face

Recurring Buys is now live in the Wallet. You can now set automatic daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly purchases directly from your Wallet. Keep reading to learn more about Recurring Buys and Dollar Cost Averaging.

This month we also welcomed a new asset onto our platform: Celo Euro (cEUR).

Stablecoins are on the rise and for good reason. They provide the benefits of crypto while protecting against the price volatility. With cEUR, there’s now greater opportunities for Europeans — and anyone around the world — to invest in stablecoins.

CJ Rinaldi joins as our global Chief Compliance Officer. As crypto goes mainstream, it’s more important than ever for to set the highest standards for protecting consumers and fighting illicit activity. CJ brings more than 30 years of regulatory compliance, CCO, and leadership experience to the future of finance.

The Bottom Line

While bitcoin trades over $10,000 from its all-time high of $68,521 earlier this month, analysts still predict a wild December. Ether is also trading down from its all-time time high of $4,865. Between token burns and the pace of minting decreasing, many analysts predict a similarly elecitrying end to the end of the year.

Feature of the Month: Recurring Buys

Timing the market can be tricky.

This is why many smart investors use a strategy called Dollar Cost Averaging. Instead of investing one lump sum, you spread your investments across a series of recurring buys.

Over the past 5 years, buying Bitcoin every week performed better than timing the market 82% of the time. And now with Recurring Buys you can automate your strategy.

The Cryptosphere

ConstitutionalDAO raised $47 million worth of ether in a week to buy a rare, first edition copy of the U.S. Constitution at a Sotheby’s auction. Unfortunately the group was out-bid in a fierce bidding war, but not without turning a few heads in the process.

El Salvador plans to create the first ‘Bitcoin City’ backed by Bitcoin bonds. President Nayib Bukele announced this month that the city is planned to be built aside a volcano — the source of it’s bitcoin mining power. This comes a few months after El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. In The News

  • Be In Crypto — David Thomas reports that added 22 million unique wallets in 2021.
  • CoinDesk — Mining infrastructure firm GRIID secured a $525 million credit facility from the cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider,
  • Wall Street Journal — WSJ covered the hiring of our Chief Compliance Officer, CJ Rinaldi
  • Yahoo! — Sam Cooling’s covered Ventures’ backing of zkSync.
  • Yahoo!Finance — CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Smith, sat down with Zach Guzman to discuss building the business, navigating growth, and more.


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