Copium Mining Presale: Raising to Invest in Mining, Buyback and Burn Coin

Copium Mining Presale: Raising to Invest in Mining, Buyback and Burn Coin


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Copium Protocol has always been an interesting project in the blockchain ecosystem.

It allows users to invest in crypto mining in a passive manner, and hence stands out to be unique. What makes it even more democratic is the fact that people don’t really need to figure out how to mine cryptocurrencies to participate in crypto mining.

As crypto mining becomes a lucrative business option for many, Copium Protocol plans on taking a slice of the customer interest and hype around it. Without actually owning any kind of mining, the customers can take part passively in the mining process, with the help of Copium’s capabilities and techniques.

The project is hosting a Copium Protocol ICO presale for interested users, to further expedite its operations and help Copium Coin gain in value at the same time. Let us understand the Copium Mining experience and how it works.

What is Copium Mining?

Copium Mining is a registered cryptocurrency mining facility based in Otago, New Zealand.

Located in the isolated region of the southern island of New Zealand, Copium Mining runs on green hydro energy. The company owns several crypto mining facilities across the world, the biggest of which is the one in Otega.

As per the company, the location is ideal for crypto mining considering the location is temperature controlled. Another thing that makes it ideal is that it is located in a remote area, hence not affecting any people nearby.

The company’s page mentions that the crypto mining facility is supplied with 100% surplus energy generated by renewable sources, a few kilometres away.

This makes the entire operation logistically sound, low-risk and low-cost.

The Copium Presale

The Copium Protocol has decided to generate hype around its unique offering. The project’s native coin, Copium Coin, is now available at presale for investors to buy.

Copium Coin is the Native ERC-20 token, powering the Copium Protocol ecosystem. The Mining revenue is then utilised on a daily basis to buy more and more Copium Coins from the open market, to ensure there’s a limited supply available.

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The purchased coins are then sent to the token burn address, reducing the supply and increasing the scarcity, leading to Copium being deflationary through time. This turns out to be a great option during the current bearish phase of the crypto market going on.

Presale for the Copium Coin ends in 36 days’ time as of writing this.

The total number of Copium Coins on offer at present is 50 million. To give context, the value of 1 ETH equals 18,519 Copium coins. As per the website for the Copium Coin presale, the soft cap milestone for the ICO is fixed at 2.5% of the total coins being offered or around 1.25 million Copium Coins.

Similarly, the hard cap for the currency is fixed at 5% or 2.5 million coins.

As of writing this, the presale has reached the 20,000 mark but is growing gradually, and soon might reach the soft cap in a few days’ time.

Copium Protocol allows connecting popular wallets such as, Ledger, Tokenary, Infinity Wallet, Vision, Fireblocks, RICE wallet, Apollo X and more.

About the Project: Stage-Wise Explanation

The Copium Protocol project is based on the fundamentals of crypto mining, which essentially is the birthplace of any cryptocurrency in circulation. This is how the project aims to stand out, amongst other ongoing crypto projects.

  1. Copium Coin Presale: The first and ongoing stage of the Copum Protocol is the presale IPO being run for the coin for a period of 60 days before the coin is released or till the time the hard cap for the coin is reached.
  2. Copium Protocol Investor Pass: 10,000 Investor Pass collection launch will be held via Dutch auction sale. It’ll attract a starting price of 3.5 ETH. The first 2,000 people who register via the Premint link will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a discounted fixed price of 3 ETH.
  3. Fund Allocation: Funds from the Investor Pass sales will be used to purchase additional mining equipment and upgrade the existing infrastructure at the current mining facility in New Zealand. The daily mining revenue from the facility will be used to purchase Copium Coins from the open market.
  4. Copium Coin Burn Protocol: The Copium Coins purchased daily via Copium Mining will be transferred to a burn address where they will be burned. Hence, reducing supply, increasing scarcity and making them the perfect deflationary asset.
  5. Copium Coin Airdrop: The holders of the Investor Pass will be eligible for the initial Copium Coin airdrop that’s held. Each Investor Pass will be eligible to receive 10,000 Copium Coins. Each additional pass will be eligible for an additional airdrop amount.
  6. Investor Pass Holder Utility: The Investor Pass holders will be enabled to stake their passes in exchange for daily Copium Coin earnings, guaranteed for a minimum period of 24 months, regardless of the price of the coin. Investor Pass holders who decide to stake their holdings will be qualified for high yield, Pass Holder only rates of staking.
  7. The Coin Staking Platform: Once the coin is launched, the staking platform by Copium Protocol will go live. Users will be allowed to stake coin holdings for locked and unlocked periods at various high-yield staking rates.

Conclusion: The Perfect Crypto Project?

The Copium Protocol ticks all the boxes when it comes to a perfect crypto project. It is solving a real-world problem, is involved in an essential aspect of the blockchain ecosystem and is offering various functionalities.

Its vision and added efforts towards having deflationary properties can go a long way for it to have that additional edge over other crypto projects. Moreover, elements such as the use of natural resources-generated energy for crypto mining and options to stake and investor pass only add to a sense of exclusivity and sustainability.

One thing for sure is that Copium Protocol’s vision and direction cannot be ignored.

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