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Core Developer Apprenticeship Program | Ethereum Foundation Blog


Have you have ever been interested in getting involved in the development of the core Ethereum protocols? If so, there is a new program to discuss that’s targeted at you. As part of an EF procotol-support initiative, I’m very excited to announce the “Core Developer Apprenticeship Program”.

What to expect

Hi 👋, I’m Piper Merriam. I’ve been part of the Ethereum ecosystem for while. It’s been a wild ride. I’m reasonably sure that this is the best job I’ll ever have. This program is my way of trying to help more people find their way into doing impactful and interesting engineering work. Every day, I get to work with incredibly smart and hard working people on a cutting edge protocol. With the support of the Ethereum Foundation, I’m excited to give more people the opportunity to find their place in this ecosystem.

A few details:

  • Applications open through May 31st: Apply here
  • Program from mid-June through mid-September
  • Participants will identify and define a project aimed at improving the core Ethereum protocols.
  • Participants will have direct access to the community of core developers across organizations and teams.

The program will provide participants with an opportunity to gain deep knowledge of the Ethereum protocols, as well as providing them with first hand experience of how protocol development works and how they can be a part of that process.

Impacting Ethereum

Core protocol development isn’t easy work, but it is interesting, challenging, and rewarding (at least it is for me). Unfortunately, this work also has a very large barrier to entry. It requires a high degree of fluency in the actual protocols themselves. It requires a deep understanding of many different engineering concepts. It requires excellent written and verbal communication skills. The intention of this program is to provide an easier onramp for getting past these barriers, and to provide you with the initial support and guidance that launches you into working side by side with myself and all of the other “core devs.”

My work with Ethereum is the biggest “lever” I have to move the world. We’ve got a lot of very interesting and hard problems waiting for you. Anyone else want to move the world with me?

For more information about the program, click here for details and more on how to apply. 🛠


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