CroCro First MemeCoin on cronos Chain !! We got CoinMarketCap!! X1000 easy : altcoin

😎🐸 CrOcRo Coin – Like regular $CRO*, but twice as good. 🐸😎

💎Not the Meme token Cronos wants… but the Meme token Cronos needs.💎 🔥Website:

🔥CoinMarketCap* :

First MemeCoin listed in Coinmarketcap in cronos chain !

🔥 Listed on Swapp, Photonswap, CronaSwap with LP 🔥 Active, responsive Dev. Potentially Based. 🔥 Unique (?) theme – CrOcRo isn’t another dog coin 🔥Low Market Cap, plenty of room for growth

💎Buy/Sell Tax – 8% 💎 💵4% distributed among all diamond hands holders. 💵 💵4% locked away in the liquidity pool.💵

DYOR – head over to the telegram or check website!


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