Says Hackers Stole Nearly $34M From Users Says Hackers Stole Nearly $34M From Users

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Cryptocurrency exchange said that hackers stole nearly $34 million during the Jan. 17 hack.

  • The Singapore-based exchange, in an update on Thursday, acknowledged that the unauthorized withdrawals totalled 4836.26 ether ($15.2 million), 443.93 bitcoin ($18.7 million) and $66,200 in U.S. Dollars.
  • On-chain data from PeckShield had previously suggested that 4,600 ether had been stolen and were being laundered via Tornado Cash, an ETH mixer protocol aimed at improving transaction privacy.
  • The hack affected 483 users, all of whom have been fully reimbursed, said.
  • suspended withdrawals on its platform on Monday following reports of “unauthorized activity”, subsequently advising users to sign back in and reset their two-factor authentication.
  • CEO Kris Marszalek told Bloomberg TV on Wednesday that the numbers for the hack were “not particularly material and customer funds were not at risk.”
  • A recent hack of crypto exchange BitMart saw losses of $196 million after a private key was stolen.

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