Crypto’s Market Cap Grows Up by $100 Billion, as Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000

Crypto’s Market Cap Grows Up by $100 Billion, as Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000


Approximately $100 Billion added to crypto aggregated market cap, as the Premier Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, together with others go upwards.

Bitcoin’s Recent Price Action

Currently trading above $65,700, Bitcoin is up 2% during the past 24-hours as the currency is 4% down from its all time high of $68,789. After recording a new all time high on Nov 10, BTC went down by over $4,000 to $64,000 within the following 24 hours. Later on Nov 12th the BTC depreciated further to $62,000. After days of accumulation the Bitcoin took a leap forward, just a couple of hours before the press, as it surpassed $66,000 to hit a multi-days high of $66,281.

BTC’s recent price action has had a positive impact on crypto aggregated market cap and on other currencies too. As the market cap grew by approximately $100 billion to go pass $3 trillion on CoinGecko.

Cryptocurrencies during the past 24-hours

Out of top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap except a few all others are in green territory. The currency that has benefited the most is LTC. LTC is up 7% during the last 24-hours as it trades at $273. After LTC the second most lucrative coin is Solana. Trading at $245, Solana is up 3.75% during the past 24-hours. Whereas Ethereum and Avalanche both are up 2.50% in the last 24-hours as they trade at $4,730 and $98 respectively.

ADA, XRP, DOT, SHIB, AVAX, LINK, UNI, BCH, and BUSD have also grown by 0.66%, 0.96%, 0.90%, 1.71%, 0.25%, 0.23%, 2.18, and 0.08% respectively. Whereas BNB, DOGE, LUNA, WBTC, and ALGO, are currently in red territory as they have gone down by 0.33%, 0.17, 0.04%, 0.26%, and 1.19% respectively.

Lastly it is projected that if the BTC continues to sustain above $65,000 for next 24-hours, it could go surpass $68,000 later too.


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