DexKit is revolutionizing decentralized finance with Coin League and the incoming Predictions HUB games : altcoin

By launching Coin League late last year, DexKit team [] enjoyed a huge influx of users and gamers who experienced the great result of combining Smart Contracts, price predictions, and great partners like Chainlink, Polygon, and 0x.

Coin League is a cryptocurrency price prediction racing game that not only rewards winners with MATIC or BNB tokens (depending on the network played on), but also educates and trains players to enter the volatile cryptocurrency market and took profits.

Each race in the game will have immutable default rules:

  • Bullish or bearish market.

  • Predetermined duration period (from one hour to one week).

  • You can select from two to six currencies offered by the platform (pairs curated to avoid market manipulation).

Players can create a game and share the links with friends to get extra revenues from the prize pool.

If you are interested in learning how to play it, follow this link Its very easy and fun!

Are you ready? We have started a weekly competition in which we will distribute extra coins to the winners

DexKit native $KIT token is present on CMC but is not mandatory to buy for playing Coin League, but in case you like DexKit’s work you can help the team buying some tokens.

Check the Litepaper for the correct contracts. $KIT is present on Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon networks.

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