Divi predicted to hit $1.64 by independent research analysts : altcoin

Divi predicted to hit $1.64 by independent research analysts : altcoin


A thorough analysis of the launch of Divi’s cross-chain bridge to Ethereum blockchain has revealed that the launch will cause the coin’s price to rise as high as $1.64 within the first six months the bridge becomes live. The need to solve the limitations of not performing cross-chain transactions has been on the rise over the years since the debut of blockchain technology. Many crypto enthusiasts have been looking forward to the days when it will be possible to convert their Divi coin to an equivalent ERC20 token on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.

Divi is a blockchain project that operates with the tagline, “Crypto made easy.” It aims to accelerate the adoption of digital currencies. Read more on the project’s mission on https://diviproject.org/. It fulfills this mission through its easy-to-use Divi Wallet. In it users can send or receive crypto easily. In just a few touches they can set up a Master Node or Staking Vault right from their mobile, to earn 20% APY on their Divi. Visit https://diviwallet.com/ to get started.

More importantly, Divi will in the coming months announce the launch of its cross-chain bridge between Divi to Binance smart chain and Ethereum developed by Divi Labs. The launch will mark a key milestone toward making cryptocurrencies simple and frictionless to use, helping to make digital assets more accessible to everyday users.

This launch is a remarkable debut for Divi, as we expect significant development in the project’s ecosystem, specifically regarding the coin’s price. Research and statistics gathered are pointers to the bullish effect this launch may have on the value of Divi’s coin. Moreso, the bridge will be integrated into the easy-to-use Divi wallet, which already supports ETH, BTC, and LTC. No large-scale announcement has been made yet, so these expectations are not yet baked into the price of Divi.

As much as Divi’s cross-chain bridge is exciting, it is not the first of its kind. There are existing cross-chain bridges such as the wrap protocol of Tezos, Panama of Binance, Wormhole of Solana, and lots more. Some of these chain bridges have been launched as far back as 2020 and have been operational since then. Thorough investigations have been made regarding the playouts of these existing cross-chain bridges, with lookouts on the price and volume relative to the dates and periods. The table below is a table analysis of five different samples of on-chain bridges.

Full article: https://diviresearch.com/2021/12/27/price-expectations-from-divi-cross-chain-bridge/

Divi on CoinMarketCap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/divi/


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