Fixing The Trust In Gaming LootBoxes

Fixing The Trust In Gaming LootBoxes


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The high of opening any lootbox within a game can almost make the gaming experience itself. However, most gamers (like me) don’t have a real trust with the results of a lootbox. This is because gaming companies are not transparent on what happens behind the scenes with a lootbox. This has caused a lot of controversy in the gaming space because not only are people unsure about the probabilities of getting an item, it’s also that major gaming companies have essentially created a system of gambling where they are always the winners.

So I Co-Created a company called Altura to fix this by introducing NFT Lootboxes. Using NFTs allow the loot boxes to be completely transparent in terms of probability and code. This not only gives trust to the users but guarantees that the system they used was fair.

We will be launching these lootboxes soon, but if you would like to see what else we are doing visit our page and let us know what you guys think (:

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