Florida County Miami-Dade to ‘Study Feasibility’ of Paying Taxes With Crypto

Florida County Miami-Dade to ‘Study Feasibility’ of Paying Taxes With Crypto

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Miami-Dade County in Florida has approved a resolution to create a taskforce to study the feasibility of accepting crypto as a form of payment for taxes.

  • The Cryptocurrency Task Force will offer recommendations around other potential policies related to crypto that could prove advantageous, according to an announcement Wednesday.
  • First and foremost, the taskforce will explore how Miami-Dade could accept crypto as a method of payment for taxes, fees and services.
  • The taskforce also intends to meet with Wyoming-based American CryptoFed DAO, the first legally recognized decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the US and other legislators and regulators in the state to discuss crypto and blockchain initiatives.
  • Wyoming has attempted to attract investment in recent years through establishing itself as a crypto and blockchain-friendly state, passing legislation in April to legally recognize DAOs, companies whose governance is built on smart contracts and where decision making is shared around the organization.
  • The City of Miami is another jurisdiction to have adopted such a stance, thanks to some degree to its pro-crypto mayor Francis Suarez.

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