For our 10th birthday we’re giving away Bitcoin | by Jason Karsh | @blockchain | Oct, 2021

Jason Karsh

That’s right, you read that correctly. While most people get gifts on their birthday, we’re giving gifts to new users who kick off their journey with us in our second decade.

Basically, for every new transacting user — someone who buys $100+ of crypto for the first time on our platform — we’ll send them $50 of bitcoin. It’s that simple.

Tens of thousands of users will be eligible to get $50 of bitcoin in return for signing up for an account, verifying their account to Gold level, adding a payment method, and buying crypto.

How you like them apples?!

Not a bad way to get started in the world of crypto, right?

Click here to learn more about our Birthday Bonus.

Ready to create your Account? Click here.

The details:

  • New users must be Gold verified
  • Crypto purchase must meet or exceed $100.
  • All bonuses will be paid beginning on or around November 15, 2021.

Learn more about verifying your identity here and watch this step-by-step guide to buying crypto.

Terms and conditions apply, check them out here.

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