Get a €10 cEUR Bonus and Earn up to 16% in Annual Rewards | by | @blockchain | Jan, 2022

Get a €10 cEUR Bonus and Earn up to 16% in Annual Rewards | by | @blockchain | Jan, 2022


Last year we announced our partnership with Celo to bring the benefits of stablecoins to Europe by listing Celo Euro (cEUR) in the Wallet and Exchange.

This year, we’re taking this partnership to the next level by offering a series of promotions and benefits to accelerate stablecoin adoption across the region.

Buy €25 cEUR, Get a €10 cEUR Bonus

To start, we’re offering a limited time bonus on cEUR purchases. All you need to do is buy €25 cEUR using your Wallet by February 11, 2021 and you’ll get a €10 cEUR bonus.

Terms and conditions apply.

Earn up to 16% in Annual Rewards

Beyond accessing cEUR, we want you to experience the value of holding it long term so we’ve partnered with the teams that work on Celo to offer 16% in annual rewards from now until the end of February 2022 and then 10% in annual rewards from March 2022 through the end of 2022.

To start earning rewards on your cEUR, all you need to do is move your cEUR to a Rewards Account and you’ll automatically receive your rewards on the first of each month.

Bringing the Benefits of Stablecoins to Europe

We’ve already seen the rise of USD-denominated stablecoins as a safer, quicker, cheaper, and more accessible alternative for sending and receiving money.

It’s time to extend these benefits to Europe and beyond. This is Celo’s mission and we couldn’t be more excited to join them on this journey.

Log in to your Wallet to buy cEUR today and then move it to a Rewards Account to begin earning rewards.


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