GGIVE, a meaningful project [$0.5M Marketcap] [4.5 months old] : altcoin

GGIVE, a meaningful project [$0.5M Marketcap] [4.5 months old] : altcoin


In May the charity BSC project GGIVE started, just before the crypto crash. However, we survived it. Paperhands and presale buyers are now gone which leaves with a diamond community. Great buy in price right now after this week’s market dip!

We are looking for partnerships with the charities. The promote us and we promote them plus a donation. It’s a unique win win situation because when the price of the token goes up, so does the donation and all the investments. There was an interview published recently with two of the dev’s, which explains everything perfectly:

Accomplishments so far:

  • Support two charities: Redapes and Last Night a DJ saved My Life

  • Adopted a Orangutan called JoJo.

  • Listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko

  • Listed on three exchanges: Coinsbit, Biconomy, BigOne (a world top 20 exchange)

  • Had already 1 staking program on BigOne, with a annual interest rate of 36%.

Current developments:

  • A second staking program on BigOne exchange will be announced soon

  • Smart contract v2 which allows a tax free migration from tokens from Pancakeswap to exchanges! It also allows token distribution to the charity wallet on every transaction.

  • Looking for partnerships with charities. We want to call out to everyone to support your charity. Leave your suggestion at r/ggive.

  • Developing new use cases for our token, like fundraising and donations through our website.

Please visit us at: Website:



GGIVE Contract Address: 0x60e9880DAeF10E960dA3c45b076dbdAc4f111Edf


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