Goji Crypto! Participating in the Benzinga Crypto Festival! : altcoin

Goji Crypto has recently taken some huge steps forward and it is reflecting on the charts.

Within a week of its official launch, the project has reached numerous milestones through its organic growth approach. The Lite Paper and White Paper are now on the project’s website, which outline the project’s future community and business goals.

HANU is now listed on CoinGecko Zerion, and Kleros, and has already passed the 1000 holder mark.

From August 31st – September 1st, 2021 The Benzinga Crypto Trading Festival will be taking place. This event aims to bridge the gap between projects’ organizers, investors, and traders.

During the conference HANU holders will have a chance to learn about crypto investing with clearly defined educational modules, take a look at a curated group of small cap investment opportunities, and connect with the crypto audience in an intimate, virtual setting.

Join our Discord Server to find out more about the Festival and about Goji Crypto.

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