GojiCrypto is Key to Merchant Adoption : altcoin

GojiCrypto is Key to Merchant Adoption : altcoin


In a recent survey done on 8,008 census-balanced United States consumers, it was discovered that 16% of the US population either currently owns or once did own cryptocurrency. 30 million US consumers are currently owning cryptocurrency and a whopping 24 million more consumers plan on acquiring cryptocurrency in the future. This all adds up to a huge market segment just waiting to be served by businesses who are currently not accepting cryptocurrency payments. In the survey, the millennial segment of consumers are the primary adopters of cryptocurrency who have already made at least 1 payment transaction with cryptocurrency in gaming, gaming related products, retail products, and streaming services. Going forward, the top 5 items these consumer segment would like to purchase with cryptocurrency are travel and leisure products, real estate, professional services. furniture/appliances, and financial services. And here’s the kicker, 51% of cryptocurrency owner are more likely to shop with merchants that accept cryptocurrency as a payment option.

Despite this growing appetite of consumers to shop and make purchases with cryptocurrency, merchant adoption has been very low. Businesses are more unlikely to adopt to the growing trend due to the generational gap, the lack of understanding of what cryptocurrency is, and the dearth of expertise offering enterprise solutions to cryptocurrency adoption as a payment option. The newly launched GojiCrypto project, lead by Stephen Banner, a former corporate vice president with 20 years of experience in enterprise level network engineering and cloud computing, aims to fill this need in the crypto space. GojiCrypto offers its Software-as-a-Service payment platform as an easy to use plug-in to existing business’ operations in the e-commerce space with their ready to use web application. The merchant could handily start accepting cryptocurrency payments and track these transactions in a transparent, auditable, and simple to use single pane dashboard. The GojiCrypto platform is made up of 4 erc20 tokens in the ethereum blockchain, Hanu Yokia, Mia Neko, Goji, and Safia Gabanansu, each with their own particular use to make business to consumer, and business to business transactions easy and efficient. The up and coming project already has an opportunity to present at the Benzinga Crypto Trading Festival held this August 31 to September 1. Stephen Banner is now slated to speak at an AMA sponsored by the Dubai Crypto Community on September 11. From inception to date the project has already gained almost 300% as of this writing, with its crypto exchange impending launch on the fourth quarter of this year. The GojiCrypto project is definitely one to keep an eye on.



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