Grantee Roundup December 2020 | Ethereum Foundation Blog

Grantee Roundup December 2020 | Ethereum Foundation Blog


We’re here with our last hurrah before we head into 2021 – read on for the latest news on a few grantees!

Gitcoin for CLR matching

Gitcoin’s CLR grants were one of the first real-world uses of quadratic funding, with the number of unique contributors to a grant carrying greater weight than the dollar total in determining the match amount.

CLR grants have come a very long way since the first round in early 2018! With 16 organizations and almost as many individuals pledging matching funds as of Round 8, it has grown into a truly community-driven support system for the ecosystem’s many open source contributors. The platform itself has matured as well, with recent UI improvements including:

  • A “shopping cart” enabling users to donate to multiple grants at once and share their cart with friends
  • Integration of zksync for scaling, allowing multiple donations to be rolled into one transaction
  • Collections so users can keep track of their favorites, or browse other people’s top picks

EIP 1559 R&D

EIP 1559, which proposes changes to Ethereum’s fee market, has been a focus of community-wide discussion and development since 2019. A recent multi-recipient grant went to support ongoing community-driven research and development: Consensys received funding to help coordinate research and development efforts, while funds sent to the 1559 multisig are administered by signers from several organizations to support community efforts including client implementation, infrastructure, bug bounties and outreach.

There had been plenty of work done on EIP 1559 prior to this grant, and that progress hasn’t slowed! A small sample of recent updates:

Track progress on EIP 1559 R&D via Tim Beiko’s regular updates, implementers’ call notes, or keep an eye on the mainnet readiness checklist.

A few more quick mentions

And of course we can’t leave without acknowledging the massive achievement of all the client teams and other builders who contributed to the December 1 launch of the eth2 beacon chain!

Until next year :wave:


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