Help me be less dumb (transaction losses)

Referenced TXN hash: 0xce9dceec350cf579fb7d075cb1638be4bdf2730c9cb733dd827c2babdf83ea7d


Been holding $NSFW for a few months now. Yesterday I connected my ledger nano s to metamask in order to improve security posture. The ledger created new accounts in metamask so I just figured I could transfer the coins ($NSFW) from my old metamask account (where the coins were sittingf) to the new one with no issues. When I did, 6% of my bag disappeared.

Obviously this is my own fault for not understanding… something? I started looking around trying to find an explanation, and in the contract and found this:

uint256 public _taxFee = 200; // 2% of every transaction is redistributed to holders

uint256 public _liquidityFee = 500; // 5% of every transaction will be converted into BNB

uint256 public _burnFee = 200; // 2% of every transaction is burned

But this was even more confusing as the fee percentages don't seem to line up with my loss.

Question 1: What info didn't I understand that caused this loss? And why doesn't my loss = the fee breakdown in the contract? I'm clearly missing something…

Question 2: Am I wrong in thinking that these tokenomics are atrocious? When it comes to investing, I'm a holder by nature, but losing ~9% (2%/5%/2%) on every transaction seems absolutely insane to me. I'm guessing this is done to encourage long term holding / staking but I honestly would have never bought in if I'd know this was how the contract was structured. (FWIW, I read the Aug21 white paper before I bought in. There was no mention of these kinds of fees and I'm still learning so parsing the contract code was not something I that I was aware I should do,… or am very adept at even now).

Question 3. I'm considering staking the coin since I'm obviously not in a position to get out at the moment. What should I be wary of before I do this? Also, I cannot find any info on staking rewards for this coin… Is that normal?

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