I think I found a gem : altcoin

I honestly think this is a goldmine.

Kin coin Launched with the messenger app KiK (currently 100+ million downloads and 15+ million daily active users) Developed in 2017 on the ethereum platform. Raised 100 million seed round Got sued by government for seed round paid 5 million and settled lawsuit.

Since they have been very active Recently migrated to the Solana platform Recently partnered with 12 new apps including Firely Have a great site and business model aiming at monetizing apps. Very good team and ready for full deployment. Amping up marketing. Went 5x last night randomly and is now back to the price it was. Very underpriced. All price precitions state that it is unlikely to go down. Hasn’t been affected much by the drop in bitcoin.

I am here to bring attention to this gem. Research it yourself as I am not a financial advisor. It is a gem

Here you can see the charts show it went up rapidly then when the lawsuit happened it went down rapidly. The product is good and the lawsuit is done. It hasn’t had any attention since.


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