IMPT Raises Massive $20 Million – Presale Ends Today

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This year’s greenest crypto has finally closed the doors on its presale. IMPT has raised a massive $19 million, and now is the time to claim your tokens. The last explosion has left the crowd wondering where it would go from here.

Meanwhile, those who still want to participate must go to and do so now before before the token’s listing on 14th December 2022.

IMPT Presale Explodes to $19 million on The Last Day

While there was never one single moment at which the speed of the presale slowed down, IMPT rushed through its last leg with style. It has raised upwards of $1 million in the 11th hour, consolidating its position as the best presale crypto of 2022.

IMPT is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency project that aims to make green decisions part of a customer’s daily life. Putting an eco-centric marketplace at the center, IMPT has onboarded upwards of $10k brands like Samsung,, Microsoft, and Amazon. Buyers get to interact with the brands and contribute to the environment while earning IMPT tokens. At the same time, brands get a chance to further their ESG initiatives as portions of the proceeds of all sales go into promoting eco-friendly activities.

Give More to the Environment By Participating in the Carbon Offsetting Economy

IMPT brings to make carbon credit trading more inclusive by removing it from the hegemonized clutches of large corporations and bringing it to the masses. At the center of this moment lies tokenized carbon credits that customers can buy using the IMPT they earned by interacting with the brands using the shopping app.

These carbon credits can then be placed back on the marketplace to be sold to the brands. If customers want, they can “retire” their carbon credits instead and earn a good NFT artwork.

With this inclusive carbon offsetting approach, we can see greener days ahead for the whole planet.

Ending the Presale Early – A Decision That wasn’t Taken Lightly

The presale was originally meant to end in January 2023. However, the FTX-triggered crash has left the crypto community questioning the fate of crypto. In light of that, and to stay true IMPTs original goals, IMPT CEO declared through the official discord that IMPT would end its presale ahead of time.

The rationale given by the CEO is that the FTX crash has unsettled the market and made the crypto space more volatile. And thus, in order to keep IMPT sustainable and ensure that all the targets of this green project’s roadmap are met on time, the team decided to burn the remaining tokens of the current stage of the presale and vest (lock) the tokens of the final stage for 12 months.

The vesting period will have a dual impact on the project. First, it would direct a massive portion of the presale into the development of the project. And secondly, it would make the tokens available in circulation scarce. The impact of both of these would increase the value of IMPT; experts suggest that it will likely hit 10x by the end of next year.

IMPT is Coming on CEX and DEX on 14th

Thankfully, the early end of the presale is not without its merits. The token’s potential was noticed by major centralized exchanges. Thus, 14th December 2022 will see the concurrent listing of IMPT on LBank, Changelly Pro, and Uniswap.

IMPT CEO has also announced that seven more exchange listings are planned for the next year. However, the name and the type of exchanges have been kept confidential at the moment.

How to Claim your IMPT Tokens?

Those who have already participated in the presale can claim the tokens within the next couple of hours by going to All users need to do is go to the official website, click on the claim, enter the wallet address and claim the tokens.

Those who want to capitalize on the last 1 hour and 30 minutes should rush and buy it right now.

Note that the listing price for IMPT is 10% higher than its value during the presale – which means a 10% gain is a guarantee for those who participate in the presale.

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Best crypto IMPT

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