Introducing ChefXRP

Introducing ChefXRP


Last week, we launched PayID, with a coalition of over 40 companies around the world. PayID is an open protocol that helps improve the user experience of sending and receiving a payment across siloed payment networks using a standardized address format (user$

PayID works great for the standard peer-to-peer payment, but also has the potential for exciting new extensions that allow merchants to use PayID for things like checkout, invoices, receipts, and subscriptions.

Today, we’re launching a web app called ChefXRP that demonstrates the power of using PayID in a subscription checkout flow on a test network.

Before using ChefXRP, developers will need to download the Xumm app from their respective app store for their device (currently iOS and Android are supported). After going through the setup steps, the application needs to be configured to hit an address on the test net XRP ledger, found under Settings -> Advanced -> Node and selecting one of the nodes under the area labeled “test net”.

After this is configured, the ChefXRP website can be used to create subscriptions with payments being serviced by Xumm. To do this, navigate to, sign in with your Pay ID, and click one of the Subscribe buttons. This will open a modal prompting you to complete your purchase, which will take you to the Xumm website:

The Xumm website may show a QR code that you can scan with the Xumm app, or may provide a button to display a QR code if they’ve already sent a notification to your device to approve the transaction (in this case, they assume you don’t need the QR code).

Clicking accept will send you back to the Chef XRP website with a success message and the ability to modify the subscription using the select box in the top right corner. Clicking on the subscription will provide a modal that allows you to cancel the subscription:

After receiving the notification from the Xumm app, there is an option to accept the charge, however, there is also the option to decline via the close button in the top right corner:

If you’re inspired by this demo, then sign up for the PayID Hackathon, where we invite you to make money move like email. There will be over $25K in prizes awarded to the winners. We look forward to seeing what else developers build using PayID.


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