Investing in Robotics – Best Automated Platforms in 2022

Investing in Robotics – Best Automated Platforms in 2022


In 2021 the global market for industrial robots was valued at $43.8 billion (Statista), an increase on its 2020 valuation of $23.7 billion (Robotics.Online).

That is expected to rise further to $74.1 billion by 2026 (Mordor Intelligence), with a CAGR – compound annual growth rate – of approximately 20%.

In this article we’ll review the case for investing in robotics in 2022 and beyond, as an exciting industry which Inside Bitcoins readers may be interested in exploring.

Why Invest in Robotics

Similar to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with an increasingly globalized and digitized world, the demand for robotics has been increasing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic for example, new disinfection and cleaning service robots were developed, alongside food and medicinal supply delivery robots and drones. Nanotechnology was used in the development of vaccines, which is one of the applications of industrial robotics – building things on the scale of atoms and molecules.

Factory floor industrial tasks have been increasingly mechanized, and much of supply chain automation, food packaging and manufacturing is now able to be partially or completely performed by robot technology.

Automative technology, one of the first sectors to use robotics, continues to do so and develop new applications of robots – BMW and Mercedes-Benz use thousands of robots on its production lines, in many cases replacing the need for human employees.

Just as Pfizer, Modern and Astrazeneca stocks rose exponentially over the past year, investing in robotics could prove to be profitable.

Investing in Robotics in 2022 – Best Platforms

Robotics.Online is a fully automated investing platform that removes the need for investors to constantly monitor the industry and react to news updates and market fluctuations themselves.

Founded and 2018 and going public in 2019, their Delaware, USA based team put your money to work investing in several emerging markets in the robotics and cryptocurrency sectors.

Users make short-term investments of 12 business days at a time, with a profit potential of 465% APY (annual percentage yield). Registered investors can use Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) to make their deposit.

The site is currently running a $300 free investment promotion for new signups.

Read more about the Robotics.Online platform and watch a tutorial video explaining how investing in robotics using their platform works, on their official website.


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