Is Move-to-earn gonna be a thing in 2022?

Is Move-to-earn gonna be a thing in 2022?


While 2021 was BIG for Play2earn, I came across this project Digital Fitness ($DEFIT). It seems incredibly under valued to me sitting at 650K mcap. Their team is really hard working and just dropped a complete project review here.


Their bet is on #move2earn for 2022! They are building a complete ecosystem and digital fitness marketplace (web+mobile) for trainers and users to get fit while earning token rewards for all their activities.


People will earn $DEFIT for inviting friends, syncing their wearable activity joining live classes etc and able to buy coaching services and sport products in tokens.


Would getting paid to workout motivate you to move more? I mean the potential and network effect here can be HUGE if they manage to pull it through!! What's your take?


The project was shilled hard at launch by BitBoy, WendyO etc and is currently flying under the radar. I mean it did hit $1.39USD and now under IDO price level. All jeetz out and looks like the best is yet to come since they kept on building all this time…



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