Japanese anime NFT, Otaku Klub, launching on the metaverse

Japanese anime NFT, Otaku Klub, launching on the metaverse


The first Japanese anime non-fungible token (NFT) will debut during the second quarter of 2022. This NFT contains a crypto game and “mangaverse” available to collectors. The developers of this NFT have stated that a presale will happen 24 hours before the actual sale is launched. Additionally, community members will also access the 250 sports available on the whitelist.

Launching the Otaku mangaverse

The Otaku mangaverse will offer the community members a virtual experience. Users will adapt their Otaku NFTs as avatars on mangaverse. Players in the crypto game can earn rewards, interact with other players, attend events, make purchases, tour places, etc.

200 NFTs will be minted for the presale, and a VIP member will be limited to owning 5 NFTs. The general sale will involve 5,777 NFTs, with each transaction limited to 10 NFTs. The presale will cost $0.15 per NFT, while the general sale has been set at $0.16 per NFT.

The NFTs can be accessed on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. The NFT minting process will commence on February 12, 2022, while the public sale has been scheduled for February 13, 2022.

About the Otaku Klub

Community members can also choose to be part of the Otaku Klub. This is where Manga characters can interact. The characters will be in the form of Tokou, which are rare monsters generated from the physical features of your hero.

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The Tokou will live in the mangaverse. In this virtual world, all the qualities of the popular characters have been blended and put together to create an outstanding personality. The Tokou are the next generation of the original Japanese manga.

By being part of the Otaku Klub, members will have VIP access to some of the popular anime conventions in Japan. Members can attend events and concerts as VIP guests. The other benefit is that members will gain access to the Khulturs Manga Kuizz crypto game and partake in its alpha testing.

A 7% royalty rate has been set, with the funds being directed to support the Otaku Klub and to reward users through various events held globally.

Your capital is at risk.

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