Kronos DAO – Earn 20,000,000% APY Staking Rewards

Kronos DAO – Earn 20,000,000% APY Staking Rewards


Kronos DAO is a substitute stablecoin, fully-backed and stable but also able to rise in value while minimizing losses.

It’s also the first decentralized reserve currency protocol running on the Klaytn chain, based on the KRNO token – which has increased over 360x in value since its launch on November 18th, 2021.

KRNO is partnered with Kokoa Finance, a yield-generating stablecoin on the Klatyn network.

Kronos Dao Roadmap

The aim of Kronos DAO focuses on decentralization for sustainable community growth. To achieve this it has three missions:

  • To build a sustainable Defi infrastructure that rewards market participants
  • To build a constructive and decentralized community that continuously innovates the ecosystem
  • To build a cross-chain alliance with other protocols that share the same vision, attracting more members to the community

By partnering with Ozys, Kronos Dao has been integrated in Orbit Bridge and KLAYswap, allowing for easy expansion of the ecosystem.

Kronos Dao Staking & Minting

Kronos DAO operates using both Staking and Minting. Staking is depositing your money in a staking contract (like a pool) and automatically earning compound interest.

Minting refers to directly buying the native token KRNO from the protocol in exchange for discounted KRNO.

Kronos DAO is different to other Ohm forks thanks to (4,4) LP minting. All OHM forks, including OHM itself, use staking and minting separately. However Kronos DAO combines staking and LP minting.

This means (4,4) mint rewards are paid in sKRNO instead of KRNO, and minting rewards are automatically compounded, so investors don’t need to stake the rewards after claiming them. Also (4,4) minting has only a 4-day vesting period, instead of a 5-day vesting period.

Kronos Dao Staking

Kronos DAO APY

As Kronos DAO is still in its incubation stage, it offers a very high ROI of over 20,000,000% APY.

This rewards rate is higher than Olympus DAO, which offers 4,298% as of December 2021.

Kronos DAO’s gas fees are low, much lower than Olympus DAO’s, known for its high gas fees.

The key strength of Kronos DAO being built on the Klaytn network is it is designed for handling large numbers of transactions at low fees. The gas price is 0.000000025 Klay or 0.0000004 THB, inexpensive compared to other blockchains.

KYC Approved by Assure

KYC (Know-Your-Customer) regulations are vital for building a transparent community. KYC is a process that follows a set of standards to verify customers, risk profiles, and financial profiles.

Kronos DAO received KYC approval from Assure, to ensure security and safety for investors.

Kronos Dao Official Links

To learn more about Kronos DAO and network with other investors, use the official social media channels below:

Telegram Group –
Discord –
App –
Staking –
Mints –
Docs –


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