Litecoin the silver of crypto surges ahead in 2020

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Unlike many crytocurrency projects Litecoin has been established now for over 9 years. A strong development team and Litecoin community has meant the project is as strong as ever.

We have also seen the Litecoin Card™ issued this year in the U.S. This will allow litecoin holders to instantly spend LTC online or at retail stores with no requirement to use exchanges to convert back to FIAT. Nice!

Litecoin was the first alt coin to implement Segwit. Litecoin played a very important part in helping implement SegWit onto Bitcoin.

  • Litecoin proved it was safe to do so on main net.
  • Litecoin community member offering a $1 million bountry proved P2SH transactions were safe and confirmed the “anyone can spend” FUD.

Litecoin’s marketcap currently sits at 7.84 Billion, ranked as number seven in terms of the largest marketcap coins in Crypto. The price has now surged over $100 following bitcoin’s recent increase to over $20,000. This is a significant milestone. I still however think Litecoin is undervalued and there is still a unique time window to invest.

My vision is people would use Litecoin every day to buy things. It would just be the payment method of choice.

Charlie Lee

I project that Litecoin’s growth will continue and this is only the start. We should see the price surge as we see more institutional investors realise the value of cryptocurrency.

So how can you learn more, invest in and Litecoin?

  • Purchase Litecoin using your debit or credit card on an exchange such as Coinbase, Binance or Kraken.
  • Purchase Litecoin on Revolut mobile app. Also great for FIAT exchange.
  • Purchase an ASIC mining rig and start mining for Litecoins by pointing your hash power at a Litecoin mining pool such as LitecoinP2Pool. You are rewarded coins according to your hash rate. Ensure you do your calculations as profitability is based on the price of your electricity.
  • Purchase a cloud mining contract and mine at a pool as above.
  • Join a Litecoin Forum to ask questions, learn and meet other cryptocurrency supporters. I recommend Litecoin Talk. I can also recommend visiting Bitcoin Talk.
  • Learn more about Litecoin at the Litecoin Foundation.
  • Join cryptocurrency discord channels to meet other investors, miners and developers. Talk in real-time and expand your crypto network. Can recommend joining – Crypto Chat.
  • To support Litecoin you can either contribute to development projects, purchase goods with Litecoin, buy Litecoin merchandise and proudly display the LTC symbol, run your own Litecoin Pool. Or simply just spread the word about Litecoin with your friends and on social networks.

Litecoin is the future of crypto. I would recommend that everyone think about investing and holding some coins. The growth is likely to be parabolic over the next few years. Don’t be left behind.

I will leave you with a current snapshot of the price of Litecoin. As you can see this year LTC is looking very strong. If anyone has any queries about Litecoin, Crypto or wants to get involved with this blog to spread the word about Litecoin let me know or you can reach me on Discord.

The Litecoin Card™ is a Litecoin fintech platform powered by Ternio. Convert cryptocurrency into real world utility and have more control over your money than ever before.

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