LUCHOW – Charity for Kids Live! | 99.9% Burned | Zero team allocation |Farm & Pool Live! |LuchowSwap DEX Live! | 10k + holders | Available on ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Harmony, Solana & Fantom

LunaChow has seen a massive gain since it was launched! It’s still early!

For more hot news, join their telegram and a be a LunaChow community member.

Where to buy from $UCHOW? $ You can buy $LUCHOW on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Quickswap

Tell me the hottest news about LunaChow!

Listed on FEGex, Quickswap, Azbit, Coinsbit, CoinTiger, Apeswap etc

Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!

Available on 7 blockchains and counting…

NFT Minting & Marketplace

What is LUCHOW token all about?

$LUCHOW is 100% community-driven De-Fi protocol launched on Ethereum network with fractional bridge to BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Harmony, Fantom, and Solana. The world’s most aggressive burn structure in De-Fi (99.9% burned). It revolutionizes blockchain Tokenomics – no private or presale, no ICO, no team allocation, 100% true and absolute fair launch. All $LUCHOW token sold goes through a public sale process, maximizing stakeholder equity.

What are the core values of LunaChow?

Transparency – The team remains honest and forthright with the community always

Commitment – The LunaChow ecosystem and community will stand the test of the time period.

Collaboration – The community works tirelessly to build a brighter future together.

What is the utility of $LUCHOW?

– Charity for Underprivileged Kids

– NFT Minting & Marketplace

– LuchowSwap Decentralized Exchange with AMM

– Farm (Yield Farming)

– Pool (Staking with MLOKY reward)

– Lottery System with weekly LUCHOW burn

– Listed on CoinPayments as a means of Settlement for business & individuals

– MLOKY Token (Earn BUSD & LUCHOW in passive income)

As a fully community driven project, LunaChow token represents a truly decentralized digital settlement. The upcoming unified multimodal wallet empowers $LUCHOW token holders with financial diversity and inclusion. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, LunaChow team and community will consistently incorporate the most promising and cutting-edge developments for the benefit of the community. The most important of it all is the charity drive for the challenged and underprivileged kids around the world. This is their core mission, to make the society a better place for the kids. It’s time for a token to do some good deeds for the kids.

It is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko already!


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Burned: 999,000,000,000,000 (99.9%)

Team Allocation: 0.00%

Donation: 1,000,000,000 (Vitalik Buterin)

Liquidity Pool: 999,000,000,000 (0.1%)

Join the community and feel the great vibe!

LunaChow team has provided a wide variety of social platforms to engage and interact with the community and learn about the upcoming events and projects. You can also contact the team on their social platforms to ask questions about the project. I have done it myself and they are flawless in their responses.

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