Macrina Kgil: Trailblazing Women of Crypto | by | @blockchain | Mar, 2022

To celebrate the final days of Women’s History Month, our Trailblazing Women of Crypto series showcases some of the amazing female leaders we’re fortunate to call colleagues at

First up, we’re delighted to share our appreciation for Macrina Kgil, Chief Financial Officer.

Macrina started her career at PwC as an auditor and capital market transaction advisor where she advised Fortress, the first alternative asset management firm to go public. Her 20-year career has included Big Four accounting firms, private equity and consumer finance, ultimately leading to her role as CFO for two multi-billion dollar companies.

When she first learned about the benefits of blockchain technology to systematically reshape our financial system — and democratize finance for minorities and women — Macrina was captivated by the crypto industry and jumped aboard in 2018. A proven finance leader, Macrina immediately became an integral part of the team and has since built an industry-leading finance and risk function at

Traditionally a male-dominated industry, the demographics of finance are changing with some research suggesting that female CFOs outperform males.

After serving as one of the most senior women in the companies she’s supported, Macrina is blazing a trail for other talented women to join the C-suite ranks.

What Women’s History Month means to Macrina:

“As a minority female who has been working in Wall Street and in crypto, it has not always been straightforward and easy. I hope there comes a time when we don’t need to label a day or month to celebrate any type of person, but each day is a celebration for everyone. In the decades as a working person, I do see the evolution and really believe we can celebrate everyone together soon.”

– Macrina Kgil

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