NEAR is now available on the Exchange | by Amadeo Pellicce | @blockchain | Dec, 2021

Amadeo Pellicce

You now can deposit, trade, and withdraw NEAR Protocol (NEAR) on the Exchange.

NEAR is a layer one blockchain built with speed, scalability, and interoperability in mind. It aims to eliminate many of the limitations seen in other layer one blockchains and is designed to be extremely developer and user friendly.

These key features, along with an enormous $800 million ecosystem fund, have seen NEAR become one of the most popular blockchains across DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, the Metaverse, and broader Web3.

NEAR’s token is used for paying transaction fees on the network, running validator nodes via staking, and for governance voting.

As of today, trading is available for NEAR-USD with more trading pairs to follow.

Log in to the Exchange and start trading NEAR today.

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