New to the Wallet: Recurring Buys | by James Pettinger | @blockchain | Nov, 2021

James Pettinger

We’re excited to introduce Recurring Buys in the Wallet. You can now set automatic daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly purchases.

Why does this matter?

Timing the market can be tricky. This is why many smart investors use a strategy called Dollar Cost Averaging. It’s pretty simple. Instead of investing in one lump sum, you spread your investments across a series of recurring buys.

When the price goes down, you buy more. When the price goes up, you buy less.

This reduces the risk that a near term drop in price will affect your entire investment. It also takes the emotion out of investing by using a rule-based approach to purchases.

But does it work?

Over the past 5 years, buying Bitcoin every week performed better than timing the market 82% of the time.

With our new Recurring Buys feature, you now automate this popular strategy directly in your Wallet.

Log in to your Wallet and follow these simple steps to set a Recurring Buy today.

Note: Recurring Buys are currently available on Web and Android. Support for iOS is coming soon.

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