NEW: Updates to your Wallet | by | @blockchain | Nov, 2021

NEW: Updates to your Wallet | by | @blockchain | Nov, 2021


Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work improving the Wallet.

From new features like Recurring Buys, new asset listings, to new places where you can now use our products, our focus has been crystal clear–make crypto easier to use and more accessible for all.

Let’s take a look at all the new products and features you now have at your fingertips.

Recurring Buys

You can now set automatic daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly Recurring Buys directly from your Wallet.

Rather than trying to time the market, many smart investors use a strategy called Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). It’s pretty simple. Instead of investing in one lump sum, you spread your purchases across a series of recurring buys.

When the price goes down, you buy more. When the price goes up, you buy less.

Over the last 5 years, buying Bitcoin every week performed better than timing the market 82% of the time. And now you can automate this popular strategy in your Wallet.

New Features on iOS

iOS users now have access to a number of features that were previously only available on the Web and Android.

You can now view, deposit to, and withdraw from your Rewards Account directly in the Wallet iOS app.

You can also sell directly from your Private Key Wallet on iOS. This is particularly important in an uncertain market, where the need to quickly and easily move in and out of your crypto positions is high. Now you don’t have to choose between getting the control you want and the security you need.

New Assets

We’ve continued to expand the number of assets available to you across a variety of use cases.

We added to the number of USD stablecoins supported with USD Coin (USDC) and Dai (DAI). We also introduced a Euro stablecoin with Celo Euro (cEUR).

We added one of the longest standing cryptocurrencies with Litecoin (LTC) as well as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies as of late with Dogecoin (DOGE).

We made it easier for you to tap into the thriving Ethereum ecosystem with Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and opened the door to the emerging decentralized social ecosystem with DeSo (DESO).

You can now buy, sell, swap, send, receive, and earn rewards on all of these newly listed assets in the Wallet.

ERC-20 Token Support

In addition to the individual assets we listed, we also released generalized support for ERC-20 tokens in the Private Key Wallet.

The Private Key Wallet now supports 99.9% of all assets by market cap on the Ethereum network, increasing the number of assets you can self-custody by 120X and opening up an additional $150B in market cap access.

We also made improvements to the Wallet UI to make it easy and quick to navigate all the assets available to you. This includes the ability to easily toggle between your Portfolio and the Prices view, search and sort the list of supported assets, and view historical asset prices in your local currency.

Improvements to Login

We introduced a number of improvements to make it easier and safer than ever to access your Wallet.

This includes the ability to sign in with your email address instead of having to remember your Wallet ID, authorize web browser logins from your mobile phone, and recover your account in the event you lose your password.

We’ll soon be taking things to a whole new level of simplicity by enabling you to unify your account so you can access the Wallet and Exchange from a single user name and password.

New US States

We’ve continued to expand the number of US states where you can use the Wallet.

Residents of Florida, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maryland, Michigan, and Georgia all now have access to the easiest and most secure way to invest in crypto.

The Wallet is now available in 30 states and we’re actively working through individual license approvals to bring the benefits of crypto to all US residents.

Looking Ahead

As we ship our final features of 2021, we hope you’re enjoying these enhancements as much as we enjoyed building them for you. And as we look to the year ahead, we couldn’t be more excited by what is to come and committed to delivering you the easiest and most powerful Wallet in crypto.

Log in to the Wallet to explore these updates today.


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