New voting site for coins, integrated with crypto Social Media platform! KRYZA Network!!! : altcoin

We are inviting You to our network, where you can add your token to our voting system, same as on coinhunter/coinsniper.

Why do you want to be listed on KRYZA Network:

It offers much more than usual voting sites!

  • With 5000 Vote Tokens can be listed on our Exchange in early 2022 for FREE!

  • With the social platform you can take advantage of features like creating blogs,articles, and groups for your project.

You are listing on a site which intends to make users to stay and be active, making voting experience more fun rather than being a daily obligation, in the long run, this way it can reach more people. Our site is just way more than a voting site, its a crypto platform built upon the crypto ecosystem.

We are constantly developing the voting system and not planning to leave it as it is. This is a long term project with a perfect team behind it.


The vote/listing itself


Our own social network


KRX Contract (Future exchange token: 0x93ad9b819C88D98B4c9641470A96E24769Ae7922

KRN contract (Network token): 0x4e6d79cddec12c229d53b38c11b204bcec118885

KRN on HotBit

KRX on Indoex

KRX on Uniswap



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