NEWS: First Cryptocurrency to land on the lunar surface | NASA contractor Astrobotic press release


Who is “Astrobotic”?

Astrobotic Technology is an American privately held company that is developing space robotics technology for lunar and planetary missions. The first launch of one of its spacecraft, the Peregrine lunar lander, is expected to take place in 2022. On 11 June 2020, Astrobotic received a second contract for the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. NASA will pay Astrobotic US$199.5 million to carry the VIPER rover. Astrobotic will take NASA's VIPER rover to the lunar surface in late 2023.

Who is “SuperBid”?

SuperBid is a social auction app, powered by blockchain. SuperBid allows influencers to connect with their fans through auctioning authentic experiences, personal items, and unique NFTs. Fans can bid for content directly from global influencers and make purchases with the $SUPERB token.

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