Next 100x with solid fundamentals : altcoin

Next 100x with solid fundamentals : altcoin


This is not a financial advise. Do your own research.

TLDR; $GEEQ, 18m market cap, solid fundamentals and solid partnerships and sick team. Mainnet EOY 2021. Currently ERC-20 but will migrate to its own chain when mainnet goes live.

$Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by our Proof of Honesty protocol (PoH), safe enough for your most valuable data, cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use. Geeq is, at first glance, somewhat complex in its design, with its novel consensus mechanism and its multi-chain architecture. However, its purpose is rather straightforward: to fix the scalability issues plaguing public blockchains whilst also improving on the security of current solutions, in doing so allowing for the flourishing of microcommerce and the integration of blockchain solutions into enterprises globally.

$Geeq Corporation has announced the filing of an international #patent application PCT to protect its intellectual property in relation to secure hash-locked accounts without smart contracts. They have 2 patents one is back in 2018. The other one is recent regarding Micropayments, NFTs, and Atomic Transfers without Smart Contracts. They have reached 1000 txps per chain, can scale up as with the branches.

They are partners with IBM Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Jun Capital, Morpheus Labs, Trust Swap, Plasma Pay, Saffron, Chain Link, Terepac, Rise Ops, Impact Venture Capital, Zero Chain and a few others.

They have Eric Ball in their team, he served as Senior VP & Treasurer at Oracle, one of the world’s premier technology companies in between 2005-2015.

John Conley as economics professor at Vanderbilt University and he is one of the founders. He came up with the #Geeq’s architecture.

Ric Asselstine was personally invited by a University of Waterloo Computer Science professor in the early 90’s to assist with the formation of the Open Text Corporation (OpenText). Which has 4b USD revenue and 14000 employees, and open to public.

The co-founder and CDO of Geeq, Stephanie is a vastly experienced technologist and economics expert. In 2001, she was the first to use machine learning on social science data at the National Center for super-computing Applications.

Geeq’s Vice President of Marketing is German Ramirez. He went of TED Talks several times. He brought first cryptocurrency ATM into Switzerland.


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