NFT STARS – Certik audit – Doxxed Team

NFT STARS – Certik audit – Doxxed Team


NFT STARS offers innovative features that refine the NFT trading experience and help artists deal with a bunch of issues.

👥 Fully doxxed team

💯 Audited and KYCed by

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The list of VCs that have joined two rounds of private sales includes:
Moonwhale Ventures, DAO Maker, AquaBlock Ventures, Pluto Ventures, Platinum Fund, AU 21 Capital, Coin Celect, ZBS Capital, Magnus Capital, Morningstar Ventures, DEXT Force Ventures, BSCP Holdings, Onemax Capital, Basics Capital, Blockhunter Capital, Cyberfi Samurai, Newave Capital.

🚀 Careful Selection
Artists featured on the marketplace first go through the executive board’s screening process, after which the active users of the platform participate in their own selection process. That way, the marketplace isn’t flooded with creators speculating on the growing interest – each creator is the true star.

🚀 Augmented Reality (AR) Gallery
With NFT STARS, users will be able to visit the digital gallery through their smartphone. All the exhibited pieces of art are for sale! Artists will be able to create and customize virtual gallery rooms to exhibit and sell their own NFTs.

🚀 NFT Pricing Scanner
What’s a good price for an NFT? From now on, users won’t have to play guessing games – the NFT scanner tool will analyze similar tokens on other platforms and come up with an average price suggestion. This way, both sellers and buyers will know that the price of an NFT is fair.

🚀 Gas-free Minting
Artists don’t have to pay for token emission. All they do is create an NFT on the platform and when a buyer appears, the buyer covers the minting expense. This applies to ALL supported blockchains. Alternatively, NFT STARS offers collective minting. When collaborating on an NFT, the creators can tie their wallets and the profits will be automatically divided across their separate addresses.

🚀 White Label
This solution deals with exclusive brands, allowing them to sell their own NFTs while also solving the issue of authorship rights. The front-end will be customized for each client, allowing them to advance their brands and experiment in the new niche.

🚀 Fractional Trading
Valuable NFTs might be too expensive and too rare to afford. Fractional trading enables users to purchase part of a token, which is a great way to diversify one’s portfolio without compromising its quality.
To top it off, NFT STARS users can participate in voting and enjoy Premium account features that NFTS token ownership entitles them to, which will be present in the upcoming IDO.


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