Nigeria’s 24.2% Adoption Rating is that the Highest Rate of Crypto possession Globally

Nigeria’s 24.2% Adoption Rating is that the Highest Rate of Crypto possession Globally



According to the most recent Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, in October 2021, Nigerian had the best rate of cryptocurrency possession globally, at 24.2%.

Bitcoin is that the popular Coin in African country

In addition to finding the West country because the country with the best proportion of voters that hold cryptocurrencies globally, the survey conjointly discovered that “of the one in four on-line adults in Nigerian who own some style of cryptocurrency, bitcoin is that the hottest coin in African country at 67.5% of crypto house owners.” or else, this implies over 1/2 the 24.2% of Nigerian respondents that own cryptocurrencies square measure indeed bitcoin holders.

In fact, per the survey, the 23.8% ETH possession quantitative relation is just enough to check Nigerian being ranked the fifteenth country out of a complete of twenty-two countries.

Dogecoin in Third Place

Meanwhile, the survey findings show the acculturation coin, dogecoin, in third place at twenty 1.8%. This quantitative relation successively is enough to check African country features within the high 10. The survey report explains:

Dogecoin is the third hottest selection with crypto adopters in Nigeria, with 21.8% of adults who own crypto holding the coin. This makes it the eighth hierarchical country in our list of twenty-two countries in terms of dogecoin possession among people who own crypto.

In terms of the makeup of cryptocurrency house owners in Nigeria, the survey found 62.9% of Nigerian crypto house owners to be men whereas girls account for the rest.

In alternative words, this inequality between the quantity of males and females that own crypto suggests that men are 1.7 times additional possible to possess crypto. With the typical figure globally at one.5, this implies the African country has the eleventh highest male dominance of the twenty two countries.



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