Oryen ICO price surges by 120%, meanwhile FTX filing for bankruptcy and DOGE holders are migrating to Binance

Oryen ICO price surges by 120%, meanwhile FTX filing for bankruptcy and DOGE holders are migrating to Binance


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A major centralized exchange, FTX, revealed a whole new set of problems in the cryptocurrency industry when it filed for bankruptcy recently. The crypto community is concerned that some crypto exchanges appear to be faking their reserves. According to recent reports, DOGE token holders are migrating to Binance, a more reputable crypto exchange, in anticipation of the FTX Saga.

Because of the devastating losses sustained from FTX’s collapse, crypto traders are frantically searching for a cryptocurrency to help them recover their money. Thankfully, Oryen (ORY) has arrived to save the day.

Oryen (ORY)

Developed on the Binance Smart Chain, Oryen is a brand-new cryptocurrency with revolutionary compounding capabilities. The Buy-Hold-Earn feature of the Oryen AutoStaking Technology (OAT) is implemented so investors can earn passive, low-effort compound interest just by buying and holding ORY tokens.

Every 60 minutes, tokens are distributed to stakeholders based on their share of the daily rebase reward pool, according to the algorithm’s positive rebase design. Tokens can be deposited into a wallet to start earning a daily ROI of 0.177% and an annualized yield of 90%. On top of this, Oryen has a risk-free value (RFV), which is a protocol wallet with a buffer value that guarantees the ORY floor price.

In terms of the time it takes to stake and receive rewards, the Oryen project is unparalleled. Hailed by Business2Community as the fastest-growing crypto to buy right now on Reddit, ORY could be a powerful addition to your investment portfolio.


FTX is a derivatives and spot cryptocurrency exchange where investors can quickly accumulate profits. Derivatives and leveraged tokens are the main focus of the exchange platform, allowing users to make purchases and sales without physically exchanging any goods. However, due to the platform’s aggressive expansion across a large portion of the industry, its creators likely missed warning signs that FTX was in trouble. The recent demise of FTX as a result of liquidity concerns highlighted the importance of proof-of-reserves for centralized exchanges.


Dogecoin, the first blockchain-based peer-to-peer memecoin, was released in 2013. Primarily, it has been implemented as a means of tipping users of social media sites like Reddit and Twitter for producing or sharing excellent content. Dogecoin can be mined independently or in a group mining pool. There is no limit on the total number of DOGE tokens that can ever be mined, as the supply is not capped. Binance, BTCEX, and Deepcoin are the best places to purchase and sell Dogecoin.


Binance processes more daily cryptocurrency trades than any other exchange. The company started as an exchange in 2017 but has since branched out into many other areas. Binance’s goal is to make decentralized exchanges (DEXs), P2P interactions, and blockchain technology ubiquitous in international finance. The name, an abbreviation of “Binary Finance,” conveys the platform’s intention to introduce a game-changing concept to the global financial system.

The bottom line

In light of FTX’s bankruptcy and DOGE holders’ migration to Binance, ICO investors are optimistic about ORY’s future. Oryen Network has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market with its 120% price surge during its ICO and innovative auto-staking and auto-compounding features. By purchasing ORY tokens during the ICO pre-sale, investors can claim the Oryen Network’s success.

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