Panda Girl Token 🐼 : altcoin

Panda Girl Token 🐼 : altcoin


Hey guys, I recently bought some Panda Girl due to the success of Cat Girl. I wanted to publish here for people to DTOR, but these are some things that made be excuted about the project:

  • Certik Audit

  • NFT, NFT Farming and Market place very soon

  • Only 18000 holders and a MC of under 5M

  • DEVS really active on Telegram

  • Over 100K of Real money bought and burned

  • Can be bought by CC, Apple pay, google play, etc from the website. Also, it can be swapped with any token from the major blockchains also from a widdget on their website.

Anyways, DYOR and go to Join the telegram and follow on twitter.


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