Pizzap Voice NFT Platform – Scarity Drives Demand of Creations : altcoin

Pizzap Voice NFT Platform – Scarity Drives Demand of Creations : altcoin


The NFT ecosystem is a circle innovators: enthusiasts , developers , gamers , entrepreneurs, and then artists.

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In the early stage of NFT, it gained value because of the scarcity of works of art. Similarly, the goods in the collection market often get value because of its scarcity, and get higher and higher value over time. We can get a simple formula for NFTs:

v=r * t

Where V represents value, r represents rare, that is, scarity, and t represents time.

Smart Contracts Give NFT Unlimited Time

Unless NFT is deeply bound to entities and needs to interact with platform products through offline resources, the growth time of NFT value is greatly limited. Otherwise, once a smart contract is deployed, online creative works will exist forever as an asset.

Smart contracts can be deployed on any chain. The cross chain function of Polkadot, Plian and Cosmos enables smart contracts on any chain to cooperate with each other.

Through the rules written in the smart contract, we can buy and sell in this virtual world. The smart contract makes the NFT goods last forever on chain. There is no need to worry about its loss, because the data hosting of this asset is distributed.

Ecosystem Isolation Contributes to Transient Scarcity

What is scarcity? Is scarcity formed by controlling the number of creations? Maybe. There is also a situation that many people can’t see. The isolation between ecosystems makes commodities scarce.

At present, the problems of NFT ecosystems are:

The interoperability of NFT ecosystem (virtual world, wallet, market) is lost. For example, projects that insert existing NFT ecosystem and sacrifice some availability in the short term are more attractive to the current early adopter community.

Assets on one chain world can correspond and circulate with each other, and so can assets between different chains.

If 2 Crypto Kitties are placed on 2 information-closed NFT platforms, and the scarcity of each Crypto Kitty is evident. Thus, there is a worse situation. The information references in a closed system often copy masterpieces from other systems, which is more detrimental to the output of original content, even if NFT is a technology to protect copyright online.

But it can’t be included that artworks + NFT lacks real scarity.

Seek for Stable Scarcity

As discussed above, the false value of scarcity is often caused by “quantity control” or “isolated ecosystem information”.

If you change your thinking to “capture” the real uniqueness, such as biological uniqueness and identity uniqueness, like Pizzap NFT . At least, we will find a set of “stable scarity”. The scarcity of NFT on Pizzap lies in the uniqueness of human identity and biology.

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Originally, Pizzap became prominent in many NFT projects through voiceprint cloning technology, and won the favor of many AI institutions. When users mint MNFT (model NFT, which synthesizes audio content through voiceprint technology) or VNFT (voice NFT, NFT that is originally minted by the voicer ) in Pizzap, which is called “MetaVerse voice”, they plan to move real-life voice sources to the MetaVerse in batches through minting NFT, which has a quantitative equivalence of 1:1 with the voicer. Therefore, the scarcity on Pizzap is based on “natural uniqueness”.

With the gradual development and maturity of MetaVerse and NFT, Pizzap NFT will gain greater value as time grows!

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