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Imagine you are in a social network that no one knows, and the atmosphere is far more mysterious than Meta. If you have no popularity there, you are almost like a virtual character without any sense of existence. You can be anyone, others can also be you, and the identification of identity instantly becomes meaningless. Images, text descriptions, historical active data, domain names, nothing can prove your uniqueness. If there is one thing that can convey your personality and carry your biological characteristics, and can also constitute social attributes when the virtual world is connected to each other, then it exists — voice.

Voice is a perfect choice for ID identification because of its unique voiceprint advantages and the spreadability of media communication. At present, the AI researchers chooses to input a large amount of human voice data to train the robots, and uses human voice as the key for issuing passwords, precisely because of this feature of voice.

Voice in MetaVerse

Narrow sense MetaVerse emphasizes interaction and immersive experience, as well as visual 3D effects. Generalized MetaVerse is cut from the existing Internet from the perspectives of production relations, forms of collaboration, money systems, and media expression. It is not just the Internet, it is a universe recreated by mankind. What is lacking in the current MetaVerse? Content, infrastructure, economic system and complete organization. At present, there are already many MetaVerse projects that simulate the real world as much as possible: architecture, animals, art, characters, and stories. In principle, everything is copied from an Avatar. It turns out that except for money recharge, it has no motivation to continue the project in the end. But the market and history are reminding pioneers that the future of the Internet is not just about creating a huge online Game.

The existence of the universe is meaningful where there are people. To be precise, the MetaVerse needs people who have established mature social relationships, and then there is supply and demand, creation and production, content and economic system, and infrastructure in place. Second Life or Playstation Home, which is a complete virtual world, run from life scenes to story development, they are all designed by humans. Those who oppose MetaVerse describe it as “a new framework for comprehensive digital surveillance and intrusive advertising.”

In any case, the MetaVerse requires human biological characteristics, and there is no visual problem at all. However, it can also be imagined that all of human voices exist in a virtual world in batches, and the social attributes of the MetaVerse already look decent. However, if you don’t consider storage space, the reproducibility of the online world is simply unlimited, whether it is voice or artwork. Therefore, any creation in the MetaVerse needs to use NFT to mark the ownership and asset value. Voice assets are no exception, whether it is a unique ID symbol of a real person or an artwork created with voice. A mature MetaVerse needs most of the human voices,but doesn’t need 2 same identical voices, which do not exist in the real world, either. The MetaVerse voice is brought by humans but not output by AI or other technology. Actually, voice can also be synthesized through AI. However, everyone hopes to perceive the identity of human beings as much as possible.If the MetaVerse is destined to be occupied by robots, it will not be believed in in the beginning.


VoiceNFT is created and minted by PizzapDAO. Pizzap is an NFT trading platform that combines DeFi+NFT+DAO. Community members are collaborating to contribute content to the MetaVerse, and all of the content is based on voice.

First of all, the meaning of VoiceNFT exists in both the real universe and the virtual universe: in the real universe, whether as ordinary people or celebrities, voices are worthy of being recorded and minted into assets on the chain. Imagine the important historical moments of celebrities, or important moments in ordinary people’s lives will gain value after a few years; in the virtual universe, as the above analysis, the MetaVerse needs to obtain social attributes, which is the key to its gradual emergence from the framework of the Game. The human voice is an important form of social expression in the MetaVerse.

Their creative form is very similar to that of Loot: the community releases 8 English letters through NFT forms. Members draw different characters based on their personal understanding, and then even design scripts and story lines. Regardless of whether Loot is successful or not, this is a key form of ecological collaboration that Web 3.0, DAO, and MetaVerse are all emphasizing, that is, all content is no longer through a centralized professional organization, but community members create and vote to determine the distribution and sells. Voting is based on the premise of holding DAO’s governance token. Pizzap’s governance token is MAPI.

After the Pizzap members creating and minting VoiceNFT, the next possible model is to design virtual characters for them, and match them with life scenes, plots, and so on. It turns out that more and more virtual characters gradually form families, communities, cities, and countries, building a mature social system. Drawing lessons from the development history of human society, the social citizens of MetaVerse may have tried different socialisms before and after until long-term “peace”, and then began to be busy and bright everywhere in the city. Human civilization begin to immigrate to this virtual world then.

All creations in the virtual world are valuable assets. Just like voice assets, they need to be marked by NFT to ensure their uniqueness and value. At the beginning, Pizzap only plans to create and mint VoiceNFT and ModelNFT. In the beginning, everyone needs PNFT, which is the key to the MetaVerse voice.

Create to Earn

The client side of the MetaVerse economic system is content and games, and the asset side is token. How to deeply bind them, NFT is the most accurate binding method at present. It is difficult to uniformly price a single content. Thinking that content commodities priced with several tokens can’t circulate in the virtual world, nor can the asset value behind them flow in the financial market. As a non-homogeneous asset, NFT provides a solution to crypto. NFT has also derived many new ways to play, in addition to the GameFi we are talking about, there is also NFTFi, which advocates “create to earn” by PizzapDAO. “Create to Earn” means if you create and mint NFT successfully after the voting from DAO members, you will earn some money.

The combination of games and DeFi produced GameFi, that is the gamification of financial mechanisms, and the combination of NFT, DAO and DeFi also produced NFTFi. By making use of everyone’s desire for expression and creativity on social platforms, we can introduce interesting content to the platform and provide them with a large number of attractive activities and matching values.

Digital assets, especially NFT assets, allow various gameplays to have their own financial attributes. The assets held by community members are deeply tied to the platform’s income, and members spontaneously participate in the construction and management. This trend not only witnessed the binding of digital assets with unique real-world assets with value, but also witnessed the explosive growth of the MetaVerse.

Both of GameFi and NFTFi are emphasizing finance hiding in process, or process attracting users with benefits. In the early stage of NFT, it gained value because of the scarcity of artworks. Similarly, the goods in the collection market often obtain value because of its scarcity, and get higher and higher value over time. We can get a simple formula for NFTs:

v=r * t

Where V represents value, r represents rare, that is, scarcity, and t represents time. So PizzapDAO will ensure the scarcity of VoiceNFT all the time. In Pizzap, the IVO model is introduced, that is, users can upload voice content in Pizzap by mortgage PNFT, and if their voice content gets passed from community members’ voting, they can mint NFT for sale. What’s more, they can receive benefits according to the amount of thier PNFTs. What’s more, the value of VoiceNFT get higher and higher day by day because of the scarcity.

IVO(Initial VoiceNFT Offering)

According to the core members of PizzapDAO, Pizzap will launch the first VoiceNFT at the end of November this year. Pizzap 1.0 will cross the chain to Opensea with the hot model “Create to Earn”. That is, users can stake a certain amount of PNFT in Pizzap staking pool (the number of PNFT in the pool is limited to 50,000) to mint mNFT. Currently, mNFT can be divided into 3, 5 and 10 parts, and each of them can be minted into a vNFT, including:

l Only one mNFT can be proposed and minted for each pool;

l The number of vNFT minted is not limited, but the number of splits of mNFT will be determined by community voting.

At the end of the IVO, the community will vote for another 900 VoiceNFTs for sale, together with the 99 Voice works of the celebrities who are about to sign with PizzapDAO, as a scarce collection. They will finally join [999 Human Voices], and be sold in the upcoming Pizzap 2.0. The income of “Create to Earn” is also divided into the following parts:

l The direct income of PNFT linked to the transaction volume of mNFT and vNFT;

l PNFT’s income in Staking Pool;

l Creators permanent copyright tax.

However, NFT needs to strengthen its DeFi attribute and make its liquidity performance strong through its trading performance on DEX. Paiswap in Pizzap will attract LPs to support the liquidity performance. Trading users on DEX will intentionally or unintentionally improve the liquidity of NFT token in order to improve the pool rewards. The premise is that VoiceNFT has obtained the underlying value and has successfully contributed to a certain number of auctions.

According to informed sources, the Pizzap community is currently expanding, and the creators angels, collectors, owners and ambassadors group will be ever bigger than before. You can get important information through their social media or communication channels if you are interested enough.

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