Poly Network Says taken User Assets on ETH Have Been, Except Frozen USDT

Poly Network Says taken User Assets on ETH Have Been, Except Frozen USDT



On Friday,after a few days of the initial hack for $611 million, the Poly Network project was careful that the corporate had obtained all the assets taken minus the frozen tether that was blacklisted by Tether Limited. The Poly Network team aforementioned they’re up to speed on the funds alongside “Mr. White Hat,” however the reimbursement method isn’t complete.

Poly Network Hacker Returns Most of the taken Crypto Assets

  • According to a message from the Poly Network team, a big majority of the funds taken from the August 10 hack have been returned. The stash of tether (USDT) are the sole funds that stay in limbo in keeping with a recent letter from the Poly Network team.
  • The Poly Network hacker took ​​$611 million price of ETH, WETH, WBTC, UNI, RENBTC, USDT, USDC, DAI, SHIB, FEI, BNB, and numerous BEP-20 tokens. All are came except the frozen USDT that equals roughly $33 million in tethers.
  • The hacker’s confession details that the individual doesn’t believe they were exposed. Once asked if they were exposed, the hacker replied: “No. never. I understood the chance of exposing myself notwithstanding I don’t do evil. Thus I used temporary email, science or alleged fingerprints, that were untraceable. I choose to keep within the dark and save the planet.”
  • The hacker aforementioned once more that it might are worse which the individual selected to ignore the “sh**coins.” “Believe it or not, I used to be forced to play the sport,” the hacker confessed. “However, I didn’t wish to cause real panic [in the] crypto world. thus I selected to ignore sh**coins, thus folks didn’t ought to worry concerning them attending to zero. I took vital tokens (except for SHIB) and didn’t sell any of them.”
  • Whatever the case is , the hacker was ready to accomplish the most important attack on a localized finance (defi) project since the origin of defi. It’s laborious to mention once Poly Network can get everybody reimbursed however receiving an excellent majority of the taken funds possibly saved the project.
  • “I would love to allow them recommendations on the way to secure their networks, so they’ll be eligible to manage [a billion-dollar] project within the future,” the hacker’s confession extra.



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